Revitalize your Astorflex shoes

with these simple tips for cleaning leather uppers.

As a proud manufactor of Astorflex shoes, we know the importance of keeping them in good condition. These shoes are made with premium materials, including leather uppers, that require proper care to maintain their quality and longevity. In this article, we will share some simple tips for cleaning leather uppers and maintaining your Astorflex shoes.

With this initiative we try to answer the many questions from customers who want to restore their Astorflex shoes. Below some instructions on how to clean our shoes but the best solution for restoring your shoes is to find a good shoemaker near you but.
If this is not possible, you can request a quote using the form below. It is important to attach photos of the shoes, including the sole as an example.
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    Importance of cleaning leather uppers

    Leather uppers are a defining feature of Astorflex shoes. They add elegance and sophistication to the shoes, but they also require proper care to maintain their appearance and durability. Dirt, dust, and stains can accumulate on leather uppers, causing them to look dull and worn out. Cleaning leather uppers regularly can prevent this and extend the life of your shoes.

    Tools and materials needed for cleaning

    Before you start cleaning your Astorflex shoes, you will need some tools and materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Soft-bristled brush
    • Clean, dry cloth
    • Leather cleaner (preferably a pH-balanced one)
    • Leather conditioner
    • Water and a bowl (for cleaning suede uppers)
    • Suede eraser and brush (for cleaning suede uppers)

    Make sure to choose a leather cleaner and conditioner that are compatible with your shoes’ leather type.

    Step-by-step guide to cleaning leather uppers

    1. Brush off any dirt or dust from the leather uppers using a soft-bristled brush.
    2. Dampen a clean cloth with water and wring it out. Apply a small amount of leather cleaner to the cloth and gently rub it onto the leather uppers. Avoid using too much cleaner as it may damage the leather.
    3. Wipe off the cleaner with a clean, damp cloth.
    4. Let the shoes air dry.
    5. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner to a clean, dry cloth and rub it onto the leather uppers in circular motions. This will help to restore the leather’s natural oils and prevent it from drying out and cracking.
    6. Let the shoes sit for a few minutes to allow the conditioner to absorb into the leather.
    7. Wipe off any excess conditioner with a clean, dry cloth.
    8. Let the shoes air dry completely before wearing them.

    Tips for cleaning suede uppers

    Suede uppers require a different cleaning approach than leather uppers. Here’s how to clean suede uppers:

    1. Use a suede eraser to remove any stains or marks on the suede uppers. Rub the eraser gently in a circular motion until the stain is removed.
    2. Use a suede brush to restore the nap of the suede. Brush the suede in one direction to avoid damaging the fibers.
    3. If the stain is still visible, you can clean the suede uppers using a mixture of water and white vinegar. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl and apply the mixture to the stain using a soft-bristled brush. Blot the suede with a clean cloth and let it air dry.

    Replacing laces for a new look

    Replacing the laces on your Astorflex shoes can give them a fresh new look. You can choose laces in a different color or material to match your outfit or personal style. Make sure to choose laces that are the right length for your shoes.
    Some can be found on the glocal style website

    Astorflex shoe maintenance tips

    In addition to cleaning the leather uppers and resoling the shoes, there are some other things you can do to maintain your Astorflex shoes:

    • Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.
    • Use shoe trees to help maintain the shape of the shoes.
    • Use a waterproofing spray to protect the shoes from water damage.
    • Rotate your shoes regularly to allow them to rest and air out.

    FAQ on Astorflex shoes

    Q: Are Astorflex shoes eco-friendly?
    A: Yes, Astorflex shoes are made with sustainable materials and practices to reduce environmental impact.

    Q: Are Astorflex shoes comfortable?
    A: Yes, Astorflex shoes are known for their comfort and durability.

    Q: Can Astorflex shoes be resoled?
    A: Yes, Astorflex shoes can be resoled with para soles.