Family-Made Shoes With Over 200 Years Of Experience

The Astorflex shoe factory was founded in 1820 in the small town of Castel d’Ario, Mantova, Italy, where our facilities are still located and owned by the same family. The first factory produced handmade footwear and wooden solos.

After the First World War at the outset of industrialisation, the small “Fratelli Travenzoli” concern started producing more of different types of footwear using the “ideal” method (outer stitching along the sole)—the same method we still use as a base in most of our shoes together with welt stitching.

Our current CEO and owner, Fabio Travenzoli, began working at the factory in 1984, and now owns and runs the brand as the 6th generation of the family. His son, Giulio Travenzoli, is also already working at the factory, making it 7 generations of Travenzoli family legacy on the factory floor.

Generations Of Knowledge And Passion In Every Shoe

Fabio’s father Alfredo took over the reigns of Astorflex with his brother Bettino after their father Daniele and grandfather Ferdinando.

Everyone who works at Astorflex are a part of the extended family, building the legacy and dedication to shoemaking onwards.

Since 1820, the knowledge, the know-how, and the passion of making shoes has been passed on from generation to generation and can be seen in every shoe we produce. We continue on building upon the experience by incorporating modern ways of thinking, even more sustainable, and improved practices every day. Astorflex shoes are created for life—make them Yours.


Astorflex — Made in Castel d'Ario, Mantova, Italy — Since 1820

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